To my latest follower

You, Sir, creep me out. Discovering that I had a new follower, I followed that link to your blog. Within a minute, I wanted to vomit. You are a huge part of all that is wrong with the world. You are illogical. Your blog is based on misogyny, yet you try to redefine misogyny, so that you aren’t inside that circle of the Venn diagram of sexist douchebags.

I’m going to set aside, for a moment, my personal views on your religion. Claiming that women should not be whatever the hell they want to be, whatever they are able to make of themselves, whether this is an officer of the law, or a soldier on the front lines, IS MISOGYNY.

Words have meanings. You don’t get to redefine them, to suit your ego. You ARE a misogynist. Also, please kindly fuck in the general direction of off. Having you following my blog, which is dedicated entirely to stamping out all the patriarchal bullshit that YOUR blog espouses, makes me feel slimy, dirty, and disgusted. Go away, masondan. Just. Go. Away.


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