A Musical Ode to Online Sock Puppets

So, I had a recent experience with the more annoying sort of online troll. I won’t go into all the details, here, but it led to an ever-replenishing army of sock puppet profiles sending me death threats, threats of “tracking me down,” and pretty much every insulting bunch of bullshit you could imagine, including baseless accusations of criminal activity.

It passed, and I haven’t had a single death threat in a while, now.

Last night, my daughter showed me a tumblr post with a picture of a boxer crab, which uses anemones as weapons. Someone commented with something along the lines of “It’s so badass, it beats a motherfucker with another motherfucker.” Someone else mentioned hearing that to the tune of “The Llama Song.”

I was reminded of the socks. And I wrote and recorded a thing. I thought I would share it, here, for your entertainment. I hope you enjoy.


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