I am inappropriate

my legs only cross when it’s sexy
and I sit with my knees too far apart in skirts

Your mother called me a hussy
we laughed because it was funny
but also because it was true

She said I am brazen
and I am

I will purr in your ear in public places
bend over in that way that makes you hard
even when there are people around
even if they might notice

I am inappropriate

I sing aloud along with the grocery store Muzak
piped-in pop with vapid lyrics
and bubblegum beats

I tell strangers’ bratty children
that I work for Santa
moonlighting as an elf supervisor
or a flight instructor for reindeer
even if it’s June

I dance when I shouldn’t be vibrant
and sing when silence is assumed
conservatism will be for my elders
even when I am old

I wear silly masks and make dinosaur roars
in the middle of shopping trips

whisper to you
how much I loved the way you fisted me
when we are alone
amidst company
for only seconds
and give you come-hither stares
across crowded rooms

I am inappropriate

And I will not apologize
for making you wish

you could be inappropriate like me

Originally posted elsewhere, September 2013

7 thoughts on “Inappropriate

  1. always a favourite! ❤


  2. Wonderful. Really made me smile.


    • inadvertentfeminist says:

      Thank you! I’m really glad you enjoyed it, and hope you can go lay claim to your own brand of inappropriate, today!


  3. Eva says:

    True in every sense.
    Always stay proud of who you are, how you are.
    People shall always say what they have to say. People shall always have views.


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