Originally posted elsewhere, November 19, 2013

As we grow and evolve and change, so do our ideas and ideals and values.

The things that were once important to us may become less so, or cease to be a factor, altogether.

The mistakes we’ve made, in deed and judgment, become lessons from which we learn.

The people who once were closest to us may be growing at a different pace, or in a different direction, or not at all, so it is often a side effect of that growth that they get left behind.

The people we once regarded with animosity or disdain may become friends, as we learn more about ourselves, our lives, our values, our priorities, and one another.

We do not have to be forever defined by the worst qualities we possess, unless we choose to be.

Those changes, and the apparent disparities they produce, are not equivalent to hypocrisy. They are simply evolution.

I am not, today, the person I was, yesterday. Tomorrow, I will not be the person I am, today. Those changes are incremental, usually, but they are there.

All else is stagnation, and stagnant things stink.